About Us:
Zida Business Associates started its business in 1994 as a business and computer consulting
firm. By 1996, it started to develop music education and opened Centrepointe Music Academy.
By 2002, the company was registered as a Federal Corporation dedicated to the well being of
our community. With the subsequent opening of an Artistic Preschool (2002), a Learning
Center (2004) and a Dance School (2004). A total of more than ten thousands students have
been registered in these schools in the last 15 years.

In 2010, Zida Business was attracted by the rapid increase in online shopping/selling and
decided to become an Unfranchise Shop Owner under Market America which acquired Shop.com
this year to expand its online shopping capability. By using Shop.com you can get paid to
shop, save big with Cashback:

SEARCH: Look for the stores with the Cashback symbol and find great deals on the products you

SHOP: Compare and sort the products by the best price, store, brand or cashback amount.

SAVE: Save each time you shop with Cashback. earn up to 50 percent Cashback on qualified
             purchases and use your Cashback toward future purchases.

SHARE: Tell your friends and when they sign up as a customer and list you as the referral, we will
               pay you 1/2 percent Cashback on their qualified purchases.

Our Canadian Subsidiaries:
Zida Market Canada (www.Shop.com/ZidaMC)
Centrepointe Music Academy
Centrepointe Artistic Preschool & Kindergarten
Young Artists School of Piano
Centrepointe Learning Centre
Centrepointe Academy of Dance
Trade Show of Ottawa (inactive)

Zida Business Associates Inc.